All right. Buy from a company that has been around for awhile like Mountain to Sea, Biktrix, Rad, Rambo, etc. The E-Bike Selection Guide below has been updated to better accommodate mobile devices. Im super hyped for mine. Its 2021 and the American public demands color. When we received the Bee Cool Adventurer, the box was in poor shape. Other commenters are right about different technology in the top-tier brands, but there is another practice that is really common in Chinese manufacturing. I love the shimano components on here. So definitely tough. I preferred the M2S electronics, gears, derailleur, chain, and breaks over the Adventurer, but the biggest (may sound strange) difference was the throttleI did NOT like AT ALL the twist throttle of the Adventurer, the M2S has a the thumb throttle. The main problem i have with the assist is that it stops way too slow, theres, certainly a delay and so ill ill be pedaling, and i want it to stop, but itll just keep going and uh. The Adventurer and Explorer are full suspension fat tire ebikes at a budget price. Those are, above average good job, be cool theres.

Anyone here ever tried them? Its got like a weird dome on it, not good for safe night riding the suspension on the front its easy to bottom out. I wondered if maybe I should find what the final regulation are and maybe wait until I have a dog. And that Germans have a corner on engineering excellence.

You're paying for them being "hunting bikes" and the dealers cut. Definition specd with some lower end components but that's expected at that price point.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The lights on the Bee Cool Adventurer are awful. Save $200 on ebikes bee adventurer & bee explorer. Yeah pointless to get a cheap rear suspension on a fat bike which will also require additional maintenance. There is no doubt that the high-end European bikes are high quality, but are very expensive and limited in power (most of Europe is limited to 250W) . Fedex has my bike with the "cheap Chineseium suspension". Disclosure | This site is NOT sponsored. CouponSnake provides only working deals! In one of the comments someone mentioned an ebike falling apart on a path he was on and being glad it wasnt him crashing bc his bike literally fell apart. The only thing that i dont think this is designed for is what i think it was originally thought what i thought it was for a full suspension, mountain bike. Doesnt engage so i dont know whats going on there. Do a bit more research on motor wattages and how they relate to real world power and range before making decisions based solely on paper specifications. Its a life changing thing I hear. However, they are still entry level Shimano components. the only problems i encountered was aligning the fenders and the bolts on the rear rack, Where can I buy a bee cool ebike pls. Not too bad overall. Copyright 2022 Sssave money with our Coupon and Discount Codes!. Cheaper parts. What you do is you hold down on the down button for a time the walk mode will kick in and itll just kind of take itself you still hold on to it. 9 months ago, Add to cart 2 ebikes and Use coupon code at checkout! For example, the fender is a little bit off in the front and the back ideally youd want this tail light to be in the middle. I do love that this display actually shows the watt output so depending on how hard youre pedaling and how hard of pedal assist youre utilizing itll show you the wad output. Youtube (Citizen Cycle) has a few positive reviews of them, even picked them over some more popular bikes. Save 10%, 20%, 30% and more. This could get a little slippery. Your email address will not be published. I currently weigh 200 lbs, and I can bottom out the front suspension going off a small jump or giant curb. Not 5 grand. The green reminds me of an Army Green, and I have yet to see an ebike in this color. Your email (or your friend's email) will only be used to send this coupon. My original post was not a review of the bike. However, the front suspension is up to par with all the other budget ebikes. Jimmy likes it because it reminds him of the Warthog from the Halo video games. At that price point, the components in the suspension aren't going to be much. Im going to go to a shop that has some trails.

If you need to navigate crowds and through you know close quarters, there is a walk mode which is helpful. This will never replace my full suspension mountain bike. Just compare the mule to the Biktrix juggernaut beast. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Press J to jump to the feed. Buying one from a local shop would be tempting if the price difference wasnt so huge. Be sure to expand the information by clicking the items + icon. I bought the bike for pleasure and relaxation, not so I can learn how to be a mechanic. If you buy a no-name bike then you should be worried - there are a lot of re-cycled and inferior li-ion batteries coming out of China. So those are pretty deep, gouges, its not going to affect the performance of the bike, but just to let you know these things happen during shipping. Anyone know about/familiar with FISSION eBikes? Purchases made through our links help to support our channel and websites at no extra cost to you. So, im pretty excited to see what its all about, thanks to the folks over at be cool bikes for sending this to us, so that we can unbox it and test it. Registration complete ! Lets get this box built Music all right, while andrew works on that lets, see whats in this box got some pedals got some instructions. Bee Cool Bikes promo code, student discount, military discount, free shopping, coupon legit review and much more you can find only on CouponSnake! You still like it after these 50 days? If you are on a tight budget but want the most features, the Bee Cool Adventurer price is hard to beat. But of course, that does not help you in your current predicament.

I should have it tomorrow according to Fedex. This is just throttle only oh, it wasnt terrible that wasnt bad yeah. One thing that bugs me about cadence sensors is they typically have a delay in the peddle assist. This one keeps going unless you press on the brake. It also has a nice really throttle twist throttle on here, which is a half twist very responsive, just like the cadence sensor, its very responsive as well.

Aside from the frame proper pretty much everything else is made by known specialists (I am not talking about the ultra-cheap garbage). If you are doing a lot of night riding, you will want to look for a stronger light. Had the opportunity to see an Adventurer side-by-side with an M2S All-terrain HTboth hub driven, the Adventurer was full-suspension and was a nice ride, but I wouldn't go with a full suspension if there was even a remote chance that I might be pulling a cart or loading down the rack. I just purchased a Bakcou Mule and love it so far. If you let go of the button, it stops. Please enter your email address. Other ebikes like the Heybike Mars or Mod City+ come with a rear rack, but they are a different color. It was about ordering and shipping time. Battery might range from slighly below rated specs to a potential fire hazzard. When you stop pedaling, the Bee Cool Explorer pedal assist will keep going for several feet before disengaging.

I forgot to mention I just bought a Bee Cool Adventurer and I have had problems right of the bat. Show. Its kind of uh its got two leds on it. Then to even try to compare the bike I ordered to bikes costing two to five times more is like comparing a Kia to a Ferrari. Ok a separate note Im a cat owner now but shes 19 and Im considering a dog.Id wonder if I wanted to take the dog hiking instead.

I get pretty fed up with this nonsense that Chinese bikes (or anything else) is crap. Bee Cool started their company offering two ebikes, the Adventurer and Explorer. Never forget to save some money with the latest Bee Cool Bikes discount code. The suspension is nice but it is designed for comfort not jumping. The only ebike we have encountered with a matching rear rack is the limited edition orange KBO Breeze. Scroll down of the site to see available coupons. This is a 48 volt 21 amp hour battery, so just over a thousand watt hours, so pretty massive battery for an e bike. Bakcou, Rambo, and quietkat are crazy overpriced. I don't have one and I haven't seen it on electric bike report. Im in a huge building so itd be a huge problem if a bike charger malfunctioned and evacuated four floors even more if it did damage to the building. They are much less effecient going uphill and while accelerating. With coupon codes, you can save from 5% up to 50% off.

Chinese bikes are pretty good quality these days and affordable. Just fine comes into the class of budget fat, tire e bike that gets you into the sport of fat, tire e biking, but because it is budget there are some drawbacks to this bike that were going to talk about at our next stop all right lets keep Riding Music were here doing an unofficial, speed test. I can already tell, by this light its not going to be that great, its basically an led light in there with a little globe to make it look bigger than it actually is. A bike, including ebikes, are very basic in terms of construction. You must log in or register to reply here.

You will love it, I didn't think of that..I saw a video where the guy did just that to make it "more his own"..with parts that were not bee cool parts. The rear suspension has 180 millimeters of travel, so its almost like a real, true downhill mountain bike. The great news is Bee Cool has improved their packaging tremendously, but FedEx is still awful, and there have still been reports of ebikes damaged with the updated packaging. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. We would make shopping better for our visitors. The bikes that I have considered all used these cells. Interesting point about the replacement parts. I just want to ride on a dependable E-Bike Im 76 did two months of research before buying bee cool. Bike is more then worth the cost. Limited time offer: $200 off All Be Cool Electric Bikes! Filter by Price, Manufacturer, Frame Type, Folding Frame,Battery, and PAS. I am excited to check out their new bikes because they feature a color display. A horn on the side with some turn signals. Why are the frames 76 lbs if theyre aluminum? The battery is the most expensive single component of the bike and has to be shipped as Hazardous Material. The thing is when youre riding around on different terrain, potentially rough terrain, you want something thats, a little more grippy. The Bee Cool Explorer is no anomaly, and the pedal assist has a delay. In addition to the fenders being off-centered, the battery placement is not centered making it stick out on the left side of the frame slightly. There is a lot of quality stuff coming out of China - as well as some garbage; it is not hard to spot the difference. I love the fat tires on this bike, especially on these type of loose gravel trails. How can you use our discount and promo codes? You can see its flaking right there and then there is one one other area we found where the paint was kind of damaged and you can see that there. Our Slogan is Sssave money with us! Join to coupons snake community. The only real downside to the frames is that they tend to be heavy, but frame breakage does not appear to be an issue.

Copyright 2022 Sssave money with our Coupon and Discount Codes!. If it seems like a Yamaha is does it I might look at a loan bc its 5.25% so if I compare the quality of a Japanese bike to a Chinese bike I mean its 4400 compared to 1800 but I have had my current bike since I was a teenager and I have had it more than 20 years so if i consider the long run. This is it doing itself and then to turn it off you hit on the brakes and itll stop. The Bee Cool Adventurer has a twist throttle. I am pleased to say the throttle on the Bee Cool Adventurer is extremely responsive and there is no delay. The best part is the rear rack comes in the same color as the bike, making blend in seamlessly.

A forum community dedicated to bow and crossbow owners and archery enthusiasts. Some product links are affiliate links. You can see it in the sunlight. This is how a lot of Alibaba/grey-market parts can be made so cheaply, but I totally agree that you get what you pay for. This is the full throttle test andrew. Scroll through the filter sets and see the table below the filter categories. I love the brakes on this thing, theyre, no name brands. You are using an out of date browser. Sometimes you can get a few dollars off with Coupon Code, free shipping with Sales or other Deal. The Bee Cool Adventurer electric bike joins a crowding market of fat tire ebikes but it has some pretty neat features at an affordable price. I had dreams of opening up the box, assembling the Bee Cool Adventurer, and launching it off of jumps. My point is they all have problems that is why I suggest as many generic parts as possible even if you dont install yourself. So you can lock out the front suspension too. We normally find e bikes come with like 9.6 amp hour batteries, 15 amp hour batteries. Electric Bike Reviews Videos & Price Comparison, This Foldable Fat Tire E-bike Is A BEAST: ADO A20F+ Review, Best Electric Bike With Dog Carrier | Ebike With Dog Carrier | Youtube Review Video, Best EBike For Climbing Steep Hills | Electric Bike For Hills | Youtube Review Video, Which Is The Fastest Ebike | What Are The Fast Electric Bikes | Youtube Video, Best Electric Bike For Long Distance | Best Long Range Ebike Review | Youtube Video. So far it seems like a solid, well made ebike.

Within a few miles, I knew I wasnt going to send the Bee Cool Adventurer off any jumps I normally would with my Trek Rail 7. I slowed down because theres a couple little bumps on there earlier. The long Biktrix road, my personal battery is dying. Visit us! It also comes with aluminum. Click here for the current pricing on the Bee Cool Adventurer Ebike. It still just compresses underneath my weight and i weigh close to 200 pounds. I can do foreign if its good quality. One side of the box was completely ripped open and there wasnt much foam. Show. There isnt a lot of terrain that the Bee Cool Adventurer cant tackle. When I first saw the rear suspension specs on the Bee Cool Adventurer, I felt like it could compete with my full suspension mountain bike. Subscribe our newsletter and never miss the news of our new products, updates of promotions and best offers! The front suspension on the Bee Cool Adventurer is meh. Be sure to expand the information by clicking the items + icon, Filter by Price, Manufacturer, Frame Type, F, How to Install Dual Battery on a Lectric XP 2.0, Thumb Throttle Installation on lectric XP 2.0, Installing New Freewheel on Lectric XP 2.0, Installing a Trailer Hitch on a Lectric XP 2.0, How to change the Max Speed on a Lectric 2.0 XP, Cable Hydraulic Brake Installation on a Lectric XP 2.0.

The light on this thing is not very bright. I wouldn't totally write off these bikes. That's a typical generic Chinese eBike. I tried to send a message to someone and this site would not let me ??? Or unbranded unknown battery cells? Add to cart 2 ebikes and Use coupon code at, $100.00 off Bee Cool Bikes Coupon Code Buy 2 Ebikes, $50.00 off Refer a Friend Discount | Bee Cool Bikes, You can opt out of our newsletters at any time. So thats the one issue i have with it: Music, all right andrew who do you think the be cool adventurer is best for this is a perfect bike for someone whos looking at the ventin adventure, but wants full suspension and just wants to hit pretty much all Trains you want to go on. Whos got the lightest strongest frames in the inexpensive market? Get a 2-year manufacturer's warranty automatically after purchase, Don't like the bikes? My Atom Arrived - Not Quite As Expected/Ordered. You no need to click copy with mouse or control + c. Now enjoy shopping. I dont know if its some some type of quality control issue on this bike. For that reason (and others) you never want to buy a battery pack anywhere but from a trusted source, that uses quality li-ion cells such as Samsung or LG. i just spent a couple hours putting mine together. Bafang Motors, Tektro and Shimano components, Kendra tires, etc, are quality products. If you want to ride smooth pavement, but have the opportunity to take it on any trail you come across, the Bee Cool Adventurer is perfect for that. There may be factory seconds Bosch motors around but I have never heard of them, and they certainly will not pass as a Bafang or Tong Sheng motor. From yesterday: They always work if you need save some money. The other thing is going to be the turn signal indicators theyre not very bright at all either, so they added turn signal indicators onto this bike, but theyre pretty worthless. You can turn it on and off its got.

From how-to videos to conversations with riders who have charged their life with their own PEV, ElectricAllWheel wants to help bring excitement for the PEV revolution happening now. The Bee Cool Adventurer and Explorer feature 26 x 4 all terrain fat tires. Schwalbe tires?

The color is amazing.

Some discount brands like Umidigi will have Sony cameras, but they will be limited in their software support that unlock all of the features. Your coupon code will be automatically copied. But for anywhere from a quarter to a half the price, plus 750W (or more) power, they are a great option - particularly for those who can work on their own bikes. We are in the top of the 100 most popular coupon code sites in the world! The Biggest Reason Micromobility Personal Electric Vehicles are Booming, The Biggest Reason Micromobility Personal Electric Vehicles are Booming oneRADwheel, Onewheel, E-Scooter, E-Bike, EUC, E-Skate: Which is the Best Micromobility Personal Electric Vehicle. Find latest Bee Cool Bikes coupon code, promo code sales, deals, free shopping, student discount or military discount.