Manx Cat. (Image credit: Getty Images) The Persian or Persian Longhair is one of the most-loved fluffy cats, and a popular pedigreed cat in North America. It has been documented as early as the 1600s and although known for its white coat, can actually come in a variety of colors. 5 Birman. Devon Rex. These curly-coated kittens are even born with curly whiskers. Its relatively new as breeders first created it in 1995. One of the most popular cat breeds in the world is the Domestic Shorthair, which is also commonly referred to as DSH. Image source: Klaus Balzano via Flickr. It reaches its physical maturity at the age of three. Here is a list of 10 cat breeds with short legs. These unique felines are charming, with average-sized bodies and teeny short little legs. Devon Rex cats possess a very unusual appearance with their big, butterfly shaped ears and large eyes which makes them look pixie or elven-like. Height. Considered hypoallergenic and ready for the new homes they are a minimal to no shed breed. The British Blue variant can often be confused with a gray Scottish breed. Despite their slender look, they are very powerful and athletic cats. 1. However, the short hair can be identified by its sharp, triangle, soft ears. The Turkish Angora is a naturally occurring breed of domestic cat originating in Turkey. Average Lifespan: 11 the common ones are brown-black and white. PetsRadar's pick of fluffy cat breeds. They still purr and may even meow from time to time, but they are much less voca l than other breeds. Lifespan: 12-15 years #2. Scottish fold (short-haired) This breed of cats characterized by a mutation that causes the ears to collapse forward. These Munchkin felines are not exclusive and can be connected to several other species. The perfect non-shedding and smart breed. Oriental Shorthair cats tend to be medium in size. Here are 12 domestic shorthaired cat breeds, along with their origin, size, coat features, lifespan, common traits, average weight, and popular colors. Rather than meowing or chirping at you, instead theyll cuddle or nudge you for playtime and meal times. If you want a low-maintenance feline, a shorthaired cat may be the perfect fit. 4 Bombay. Weight: 8-12 pounds.

The Devon Rex is another short-haired breed, but these cats have soft curls. The pups are tri colored (black ,white and brown )Mom only weighs 5-6 lbs and dad is 6 lbs.

It has short legs and a short snout with a round face and dense coat. They are athletic and playful cats that do well with active families. These pups are playfull and affectionate and ready to meet their new families! The Bengal is a popular short-haired cat breed with a strikingly patterned coat that makes it look like a little wild cat. If you want a low-maintenance feline, a shorthaired cat may be the perfect fit. Prized for his unusual curly coat, the Selkirk rex cat is one of only four breeds of cat with wavy fur. Pups come vet checked/certificate, dewormed and puppy pack . Hypoallergenic. one boy. Ieva Tvaronavicute/ Persian. Shiffons are very sociable, non aggressive, loyal and a versatile dog. This breed is friendly to other cat breeds and dogs, as well as people. These cats can also be hyperactive and playful. The Minuet cat breed used to be called the Napoleon and is available with long or short hair. Because their coats are short, they dont require daily grooming like longhaired cat breeds. Devon Rex cats possess a very unusual appearance with their big, butterfly shaped ears and large eyes which makes them look pixie or elven-like. Weight Range. Any cat can and will form a special relationship with their humans. 8-10 inches. Average Lifespan: 10-15 years . 4 Tonkinese. Instead, periodic brushing is all they need to keep their coats healthy and to reduce shedding. Ragdoll. The coat is short, soft, and silky to the touch. Cat Breeds. Meet the Egyptian Mau, the Mini Cheetah of the Cat World. I might be able to convince my parents to get a dog. If you want feline companionship but want to maintain a quiet environment, consider a silent or quiet cat breed. Therefore, cats with little or no fur need regular baths. These are the 10 Most Popular Short-Haired Cat Breed Characteristics with each breed's name, image, lifespan, and height. Fun-loving and affectionate, this small breed is the perfect cuddly choice for those with allergies. Turkish Van. The Munchkin breed is everyones favorite pet. He is healthy, robust, Nacho is a chatty orange tabby and white domestic short haired cat born

2 Scottish Fold. Pups have been raised in our home, very socialized and well started on pee pad training. Abyssinian This ancient breed has roots in Africa and sports a soft, sleek coat. Devon Rex. At a diminutive 4-8 pounds, the Singapura tops our list. See all the cats that fit this criteria and learn more about what it's like to have these cats as pets. This cat is a beautiful short-haired and medium-sized breed with Silent & Quiet Cat Breeds.

Height: 10-12 inches Life span: 8-15 years. 20. Weight Range: 4-8 pounds. The Selkirk Rex has a naturally curly coat and is one of the newest natural breeds. Other common names include house shorthair cat, shorthair household pet, or moggies, as theyre called across the pond. Exotic Shorthair. Shorthaired Cat Breeds. But if you are looking for a cuddly kitty that wants to be your best friend, look into these affectionate cat breeds. Domestic Medium Hair, Domestic Longhair. Popularity. The Exotic Shorthair has a soft teddy bear look, thick, dense, plush short hair and round face cat that is loyal, athletic, fun-loving, quiet, sensitive and affectionate. He looked like some cross between a labrador and golden retriever. They are great swimmers, which is a strange quality for a cat. This breed originated from a house cat that was found in a Wyoming (United States) shelter. It arrived in America in the early 1900s. This short-haired cat has very soft and wavy fur thats the result of a genetic mutation and some Devon Rex cats can actually have hairless points. The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the oldest and most popular cat breeds, developed and refined in Great Britain. This breed is a favorite among children who enjoy its playful and loving temperament.

Bengals are large, active, and inquisitive cats. Chris McGrath/Getty Images. Birman. Teresa Keiger of the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) told Newsweek, If it has hair, that hair eventually dies and falls, just like our own hair. Hairless breeds need a little more grooming. This is a hybrid cat breed with a tall and slim body. Oriental Shorthair. Persian. 5. This soft dog breed, the Bichon Frise, is a great choice for someone with allergies. Manx Cat Behavior / Temperament: Intelligent, loving, active and strong, friendly, loyal Manx Cat Colors: A range of colors including white, cream, silver, red, blue, blue-cream, brown, black and tortoiseshell in a range of pattern markings Weight: The British Shorthair mature cats are slower than many other breeds. They have soft, silky hair that rarely mats. Domestic Shorthair Breed History. The TICA president said, A cats hair allows its fur to absorb oils from its skin. A fully grown Oriental Shorthair cat might weigh between 6 - 12 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 8"- 3 Bengal. This very affectionate breed is perfect for families with young children because of its playfulness. Exotic shorthair Cat is a short-haired version of the popular Persian breed, with round eyes and a flat face. I petted the softest short haired dog today. Will mature between 9 to 12 pounds. These short-haired cats are generally sable brown with dark edges on the tips of their tails. 1. 2 American Bobtail. They are outgoing, affectionate and enjoy spending a lot of active time with their families. Turkish vans are white, long haired cats which love to swim in water. These cats are playful and sociable by nature but are controversial due to the anomaly that the drooping ear gene can cause. 1.

This cat was bred to a black Persian that had a dominant mutation for curly hair. These white cats have a coat so soft it feels like cashmere. Ragdolls will follow you around the house and like to flop down on the floor, as the name suggests. The Persian cat might be the poster child of flat faced cat breeds, but its certainly not the only short-muzzled beauty out there. She has the softest fur and the. Lykoi cats are known for their resemblance to wolves, with their name being a play off the Greek word Lycos meaning wolf, according to TICA. The coat of Cornex Rex is the softest among all the cat breeds. Still a pup. In 2020, they nearly topped the list of most popular cat breeds in the world, snagging the number two spot, while the Persian ranked number four. Popular Short-Haired Cat Breeds to Know.

Probably pretty awkward for the poor usually-fluffy kitty.

Drum-roll, please, for our number one smallest domestic cat breedbut don't drum too loudly, because they are known for having an aversion to sharp noises! 3 Ragdoll. Contents [ show] 1 British Shorthair. The dad is a purebred 9 pound mini poodle. The mom is a purebred 8 pound short haired chihuahua. It is an elegant feline with a round head, short snout, sturdy body, chubby cheeks, and fluffy hair that grow in a dizzying array of colors. Popular Orange Cat The coat can be long-haired or short-haired and ears can be normal or folded. They love being attended to because they can get bored easily. 6 Orientals/Siamese. Munchkin Cat Breed. Read more Khao Manee is Coco's breed. Persian. In fact, the first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Italy from Persia around 1620.

Most commonly seen as white fluff balls in television and film (think Mr. Tinkles in Cats & Dogs), the Persian is one of the best loved fluffy cat breeds. He is 13 months old, a rescue. Exotic Shorthair. As you search for the best shorthair cat to add to your family, consider the following 10 types: 1. Popularity 2018. The Turkish Angora is a semi-longhaired cat and are an ancient, naturally occurring breed. Meet the Sweet and Loving British Shorthair.

If you are serious about keeping hair and dander down, Bichon Frises are a choice that doesnt shed. 1. Want to know more about short hair cats? The Bengal is the only domestic cat that has rosette coat markings like a Leopard or Ocelot.

The Persian cat, also known as the Shirazi cat in Middle East countries, is a docile and gentle fellow with an easygoing air. I'd love to know which short haired breeds are incredibly soft. Temperament. This short-haired cat has very soft and wavy fur thats the result of a genetic mutation 3. It is not a choice on the list. The Bengal is a strong and muscular cat with a thick tail, small ears, and short, thick and soft fur. 1 Abyssinian. 6. Learn about low-maintenance, short-haired cat breeds and how to give them the care they need as members of your family. Their coat is long and thick all over, with an impressive ruff around their neck and a dramatic tail which would put your feather duster to shame.

Known for their curiosity, this kitty is a loyal family cat that will follow the