BUT if you are asking what makes me decide which pair to wear each day it comes down to this: For style Im going with the Super Star Low Tops, for comfort Im going with the Old School Leather Shearling and for my everyday throw on and go Im most likely putting the Deluxe Brand High-Tops on. They have the coolest contrasting patterns that immediately caught my eye they are definitely an Amelia shoe! Golden Goose sneakers are made of high quality leather, so, naturally, theyre a little tight when you first wear put them on. I would get a 37 (7) in GG if I were you. I got this pair as I thought the neutral palette would be easy to style year round. Still, there are countless devotees who cant keep their hands off the luxury kicks, and the shoes play into a larger trend of distressed goods. Of course. House of Leo Blog is a destination for everyday style for the everyday life. On my days off, I love grabbing a latte from local coffee shops and subsequently strolling around the city. Make sure you order from a reputable site that accepts returns in case you need to switch out sizes. Like Golden Goose, Off-White is a luxury brand based in Italy and founded by Virgel Abloh. As of now, the tortoiseshell details are a pretty cool twist for spring. As for which pair is my favorite well thats a tough call. I have seen mixed reviews regarding sizes in the different styles, so I am trying to decide between a 36 and a 37 in this particular style? Ive found great deals on Shopbop but you have to act fast! First,I pick out one detail from my Golden Goose sneakers thatll set the theme of my outfit. I love me a good high top. sneaker forecast kmp (Many skaters would repair their shoes with tape.) A sweater dress?

How do you care for your Golden Goose sneakers? I just got my first pair 2 days ago and they are killing my feet. Team with straight-leg jeans, a bucket bag, and a patterned fall sweater. Subscribe for special sales and early access to brands you love. Golden Goose defended itself by stating that the design paid homage to the West Coast skate culture. These are like wearing slippers. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. How to Style It: Just add a matching beige trench coat and a pair of cropped denim for a classic, minimalist look. The worn feature is what sets them apart so you don't have to keep up with boxfresh sneakers. I did not have any issues the first time wearing them but after a few days I got a blister on my ankle from the top the sneaker rubbing on my skin. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Golden Goose sneaker sizing, styling, fit and care. I know you mentioned sizing is tricky but would love to know what you think. I am a true size 7 is all shoes. And we get why people are asking: at $500+ a pop, Golden Goose sneakers are quite the investment. Straight to your inbox. You can wear with socks or without but all I can say is the shearling is warm, padded and these have given me no reason to even pull boots out of my closet the past 2 months. Have you had to repair any of them? Theme by: Pish and Posh Designs. Now, this list is NOT a list of Golden Goose knock-offs. Narrow foot. Fashion editor for ELLE and ELLE Girl Japan based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ill even call them a classic. Golden Gooses latest Space Star Sneaker takes its footwear collection to the next level. Im so sad!! They just make any single outfit look good. I like to pair my GG sneakers with straight leg jeans, especially when working. The overall effect is similarbut less busy. She loves a good styling challenge (her engineering side shows eventually), appreciates kindness, and usually picks scotch over wine, sneakers over stilettos, and shorts known as denim-underwear, always. Classics? RESERVED. How to Style It: We recommend wearing these with denim shorts and a graphic T-shirt. Not as cushioned as some of the other GG styles, A bit more stiff, but they do break in rather easily, Must wear bare foot or with super low no show socks. or did you have to exchange them for 38? We may earn a commission on anything bought through our links. This goes back to what I was saying on limited quantities. I recently got 2 new pairs of Golden Goose which brings my collection to 3 pairs. The streamlined design and subtle black signature star emblem exude casual elegance that deserves to be shown off. Additionally, unless you pick theSuper-Star tie-dye sneakers, which feature a technicolor shearling upper, they go with everything and can be worn year-round. My daughter is a 6.5 in most shoes, and she wants a pair of the Hi Star style. She lives with the love of her life (his name's Mike) and their two crazy boys in downtown Philadelphia. Even though all of mine are super comfortable and they do all fit slightly different from each other. The 70s-inspired shoes have a sporty feel. Fashion YouTuber based in London, United Kingdom. Of course I can no longer find the ads, but Zadig & Voltaires approach was to simply show various editors wearing these sneaks and OH MY GOD they went with EVERYTHING. Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about Golden Goose sneakers, including why theyre so popular and whether or not they're worth the money. I got a size 40 I am right in between a 39 & 40 so maybe they are a little big, but the 39s were too small. That being said- do you think the 37 size would work for me??

I have medium width feet. These velcro-strapped sneakers are a blast from the past. Who ever said patches were just for Girl Scouts? This helps explain the charm Golden Goose has on its A-list following. In fact, if I had to point to one shoe as being the new Golden Goose, it would be this one. It was one of those moments when clothes didnt fit and I felt terribleso, I justified it real easily that day and since then I have purchased a few more #oops. The brand's artisans use various hand tools to achieve the perfectly imperfect look. Usually I wear sleeker, less chunky trainers, but I wanted to find something thats more of a fashion statement than my other pairs. But thats not allit also features a rounded sole, signature distressed look, logo stamp in a gold tone, and perforated star emblem. Honestly I have never had a pair of shoes in a size 8 and sometimes can wear a 6 1/2. Although its difficult to pinpoint a specific time the shoes garnered mass attention, these prominent figures certainly helped contribute. NET-A-PORTER: Best selection for all the classic color combos. Thank you. I wanted to purchase a pair of Goden goose superstar but dont come in half sizes. While Golden Goose might give some shoppers sticker shock, they are a luxury product and have to compete with other luxury shoes. All Rights Reserved. Unsubscribe anytime at the bottom of our emails. 7 or 8? Was just worried about the width. If you opt for a leather pair, you can wipe them clean and theyll instantly look brand new; but if your sneakers are made of a more delicate material say velvet or shearling its important to avoid wearing them on rainy days.

This is going to be my summer sneaker of choice. If youre looking to fit in with this revival, dont sleep on the Sky Star sneaker for a luxe look. I went with the classic white lace-up, but their website has more styles, and all look seriously cool. It was a completely different sneaker. Pair it with bike shorts and a crop tee or take it for a spin with a micro mini skirt and a matching cropped blazer. Copyright 2022 FARFETCH UK Limited. Use a pair of scissors to cut the patches and discover whats hidden underneath. Wipe and brush your Golden Goose sneakers when they collect dirt marks. Would appreciate your input. Not even exaggerating. But never boring these shoes are always in demand! Unsubscribe anytime at the bottom of our emails. Having a narrow foot these are a godsend! Not only are Golden Goose sneakers designed and made in Italy, but their distressed-vintage vibe has basically reached icon status: theyre the sneaker that has launched a thousand knockoffs. The style is the epitome of astreet-style sneakersporty with understated details. Instagram was spamming me with ads for these sneakers last year and dammit: theyre GOOD. I love the old school vibes, sexy lines, and the perfect black/white balance of Vans latest sneaker. CARIUMA Shoes Review: A Guide to Sustainable Sneakers, How do Yeezy Boost 350s fit? I have your exact same problem and Im not sure what to order.

If youre looking to fit in with this revival, dont sleep on the Sky Star sneaker for a luxe look. Fit is TTS. Golden Goose sneakers have gone viral. I know NORDSTROM is a favorite for most everyone, but I dont think they are a great place to buy GGDB. ALL RIGHTS

I recommend, Depending on color you can wear year round, Side zipper makes them easy to get on and off, May cause ankle rubbing (use hair dryer to fix), Comes with 2 options for insoles (leather and shearling), Velcro gives a tight fit and easy to put on and off, Can only wear in colder months unless you opt for the Old School Leather without the shearling. MYTHERESA: Some of the best pieces I find come from My Theresa. With a corduroy material and bright color, these mid-top sneakers make any look stand out. They have Vans classic flat sole, but with extra comfort cush technology and are suuuuuper comfy right out of the box. How to Style It: For an LA-inspired look, wear with wide-leg trousers and a cropped hoodie. Im not sure if you are still responding to this or not but im wondering how you tie them without tying them?

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI distressed straight leg jeans. Copyright 2022 House of Leo Blog. And Golden Goose isnt helping matters by doing things like doubling down on glitter. {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"","openAnimation":false,"exitAnimation":false,"timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"7","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":false}, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). I purchased the 37. My Everyday Edit is a fun, casual series that shows exactly what our editors are wearing in real-time and its just for our newsletter subscribers. I instantly fell in love with the simple, modern shoes and the way Julie styled them. A new mini skirt?

Team with straight-leg jeans, a. Just being honest. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. These are for you if youre looking for a fall staple sneaker that isnt black or white. Personally, Id recommend picking up a pair or two of Golden Goose shoes. Hi!!

The chunky sole adds an elevated touch to your typical running shoe. These shoes are where cool meets contemporary, from the silhouette to the running laces. They are extremely comfortable and go with anything you wear. Hopefully this review helps you to decide which style of Golden Goose sneakers is right for you. I took a hair dryer and blew the hottest level of heat where the leather is that was rubbing my skin for a good solid 3 minutes. Like really ticked. Super comfortable, no rubbing and they are by far my go to style of Golden Goose sneakers in my closet. They fit true to size! After cleaning them, I store them in my closet and put paper stuffing inside of them to ensure the shape of the shoe is kept intact (its very humid in Taipei). I purchased most of mine from websites you mentioned. they dont seem to stay on my foot for me did you ever size down? The resurgence of the classic basketball silhouette has made its way to the streets (Nike's trending AF1s are a prime example). This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. I usually wear them with a floaty dress and jeans; however, I know they look equally as amazing under a suit jacket and trousers too. Ive never liked the look of bright white shoes, now I just pay a lot of money for this look. And, because Im a practical girl, I (mostly) stuck with neutrals, so they really can be worn with everything. That post gives a ton of info about the brand as well as alternatives to get a similar look at a lower price tag. Theres good reason to be intrigued, too. If the distressed vintage vibes of Golden Goose call to youtry Oliver Cabell. If you want to know which pair is the most comfortable out of all 3 styles its 100% this pair. 10 Sneakers Id Buy Instead of Golden Goose. By clicking Sign Up you confirm that you accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The running sole sneaker has been one of my most surprising and successful purchases as its not something Id usually go for, but I would now get in five other colors. The brand releases new styles each month and they go real quick! And the last style of Golden Goose sneakers I have for you are the Old School Shearling Lined sneakers. And the shoe itself is lighter than Golden Goose, but with a padded footbed and soft leather upper. They stand out but also compliment whatever Im wearing with them. I was wearing them at first with just the leather and they were really comfortable but once I put the shearling in the sneaker got a complete upgrade. If you can find a pair you love, obviously order from NORDSTROM. Despite their worn-in look, Golden Goose sneakers are high-quality. The footbed is memory foam, and the upper is butter soft, even on bare skin (I hate wearing sneakers with socks). These sneakers are like an edgy take on French-girl style, and are SO good on. With a metallic leather lining, animal-print dyed calf hair, and a vintage appeal, these updated dad sneakers scream, "what are thoooose" (in a good way). BUT this pair in particular has the shearling lining making them insanely cozy. Any suggestions? Fun fact: our old article, Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Price? Now, I am panicking that I shouldve purchased the 38. Just like GG. Do you wear them a lot? And remember, Dont ever let your head down, unless its to admire your shoes., Your email address will not be published.

The next style of Golden Goose sneakers Ill review are the Deluxe Brand High-Tops. Im a true 8.5 also and went for the 39. Would appreciate your input. Having said that, every now and then Ill rub them with a washcloth soaked in lukewarm water. If you'relooking to buy a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, Id recommend that you stick with your usual size this is exactly what I did and mine fit perfectly. How to Style It: Pair with white jeans and a T-shirt for the model-off-duty style. is still one of our most-read articles today. Each pair is handmade and hand distressed. Its crazy comfortable, and looks so freaking cool on. To be honest, when I purchase sneakers, I dont like to keep them in pristine condition. Golden Goose sneakers tend to be wider than most sneakers and have a tall leather insole that provides cushion and support. Golden Goose has added to the fun by allowing you to complete the shoe.

I am about to purchase a pair (non high top) online. They come with a regular leather insole but they also come with shearling insoles that you can swap out the leather ones for and put these in. When compared to other pieces, such as PradasLogo Leather Platform Sneakers($850), it may make sense to purchase Golden Goose at a lesser expense. These soft-silhouetted tennis shoes might change your mind. Daily (once a day + special weekly newsletters), Few Times Per Week (special weekly newsletters only), Are Golden Goose Sneakers Worth The Price, For The Would-Be French Girl: Freda Salvador Womens Eda Low Top Sneakers, For The Environmentalist: Cariuma SALVAS Sneakers, Im also eyeing up the canvas Catiba Pros, with a black/white upper and, For Serious Street Cred: Off-White Vulcanized Low-Top Sneakers, This Black-owned business was once described by Vox as the hottest fashion brand in the world, subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when it drops, For Those Distressed Vintage Vibes: Oliver Cabell Low 1 Epoch Sneakers, For The Budget-Minded: Any Adidas Superstar (Especially Limited Edition), $100 120, For Someone Who Wants A Little Height: P448 Thea Sneakers, For Someone Who Likes The Hype: Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid SE, For Boyish Vibes: Vans Lowland High CC Sneakers, Theres also a mint green/dark green colorway, For The Street Style Star: Zadig & Voltaire High Flash Leather Sneakers, For Someone Who Wants Playful, Not Childish: Marni x Veja Leather High-Top Sneakers, My Clean Beauty Skincare & Makeup Routine, 14 Must-Haves For Spring Break From Amazon, 12 Ways to Wear Tan Knee-High Boots This Fall, 4 Ways To Style This Rad Set From Athleta. Its exactly what Id expect from Marni, and this collaboration with sustainable sneaker brand Veja is what my sneaker dreams are made of. The good ones go fast. How to Style It: This pair is outgoing without being too distracting to wear with other vibrant garments. Quick note, I had a problem with studs falling off of my slides and the 2 year warranty is not valid unless purchased directly from the Golden Goose website or one of there few flagship stores. Plus The Best Dupes, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Francy high-top leather trainers. Shana founded The Mom Edit in 2008. INTERMIX: I always find the size Im looking for here. I love the perfect insouciance of these sneakers, and the decidedly playful vibe. Totally a personal choice. That said, the brand is falling down the same rabbit hole as Golden Goose these days: the design elements skew very teenager (iridescent tongue, anyone?). If youre looking to take your uniqueness to the next level, add these runners to your cart. These street-smart shoes will take you everywhere. While no wedge, these shoes do have an internal platform, and, like the GG, are especially flattering on bare legs. Golden Goose wants to giveyou a hand in what you wear. Despite the fact that high-tops can look rather substantial, this pair is much daintier in person, and impossibly light on your feet. Im not saying that at all. (Because thats what were here for!). The velcro obviously gives you a nice tight fit on your foot. Handcrafted in Venice by Italian artisans and inspired by people from each and every continent, Golden Goose was founded to capture the stories and experiences of the world. And personally, I love the cushy, raised interior footbed. Subscribe to have new blog posts delivered to your email: Hi! Add to that fact that these do have an internal wedge (like GG) and are made in Italy. However, look at all the shoes in your closet. Fashion Jackson Black Oversized Sweater Madewell Black Ripped Skinny Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers Celine Mini Belt Bag, Winter Fashion Inspo for Womens, Scarf and Sunglasses | EyeWearThese.com, Fashion Jackson Wearing Black Leather Jacket Black Tshirt Black Skinny Jeans Golden Goose Sneakers Chanel Black Boy Bag New York Street Style, Top 10 Best High Top Sneakers for Women on Rank & Style. Golden Goose sneakers are perfect for these kinds of days as theyre very comfortable. If its Golden Gooses internal wedge that intrigues you, then p448 Thea sneakers might be your best bet. Vlogger and content creator based in Taipei City, Taiwan. This Black-owned business was once described by Vox as the hottest fashion brand in the worldbuilt on irony and $1000 sweatshirts, and, it turns out, makes one heck of a high-quality shoe. I feel most comfortable when I look casual and sporty yet elegant and feminine. Your Sizing and Fit Guide, Sign up for promotions, tailored new arrivals, stock updates and more straight to your inbox. Bingo! How to Style It: Pair them with denim bottoms, a tight-fitting cardigan, and matching beaded rings. I mean your shoes are always going to get dirty eventually, Golden Goose just speeds up the process. The Running Sole sneakers are my absolute favorites because I love how they combine the brands signature details with a sporty aesthetic. Ive had a pair of the high tops for over five years and they look just as good (and are still just as comfortable) as the pair I bought last year. There is no where near me that sells them so I have no way of knowing what size to go with. But with their suede and canvas materials, it's clear no physical activity is required. Although these are the steps I take, its easy to look after Golden Goose sneakers because theyre designed to look worn-out and dirty. Hope that helps. They're extremely comfy, you can wear them all day in fact, I do. Each shoe is hand-finished by Italian artisans and crafted from soft leathergiving wearers a luxurious experience without those new-shoe blisters. I used to think they were the most comfortable but after the other 2 pairs Ive gotten they dont come close. These sneakers do run a bit narrow, however (like most Vans). These nostalgic sneakers come with a patch kit for customization. I can confidently say that Golden Goose sneakers fit true to size. Of course, this price is bolstered by the fact that the shoes are a status symbolshoppers want others to know they spent a pretty penny. Our 2019 Recap From Top Posts To Top Products Sold | Salty Lashes. However, for style I would still pull this pair first.

Dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts. I get this question a lot. 2022 Salty Lashes.

This coveted sneaker brand created in Italy over 17 years ago offers a West Coast meets European skater vibe with their worn-in aka dirty look. This look is simple, comfortable and stylish its perfect for dinner with the girls or a weekend trip away from home. I will say though that out of the 3 styles of Golden Goose sneakers Im reviewing today they are the least comfortable. I feel like Im cheating at life when I put these on my feet! I cant go smaller or larger. From their shearling interior to their iconic star glitter adornment, the unconventional and old-fashioned kicks will update your collection in a cool way. These might be some of the most comfortable shoes Ive ever worn. In short, there are an abundance of options to choose from. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Clearly Ive got a sneaker problem. This baffles people, like why am I paying for dirty looking shoes? Not a sneakerhead? into your wardrobe with these eccentric kicks. They have a mid-top design with silver embellishments, including sparkly laces. On the rare occasion I do opt for a girly look, Ill pair the kicks with a skirt or dress. With so many styles to choose from I know it can get overwhelming to choose a pair. I'vebeen a big fan of Golden Goose sneakers for years. New outfit ideas every week. I picked up a silver pair of Golden Goose Superstar sneakers which stood out to me as they were a little more fun than your average pair of shoes.

There are also a ton and I mean of ton of colors and prints to choose from with the Super-Star Low Top Sneakers. Didnt expect that to work but VOILA! Yup they will even work well in the summer with shorts and shorter dresses. Why do I consider this a pro? BUT if I had a choice of which pair to wear all day long for comfort this pair would actually be at the bottom of my list. All rights reserved. Winter whites? With multicolored beads threaded on the laces, these sneakers prove that Golden Goose stans the. I wear a 7.5 shoe so what size? REVOLVE: I find so many great styles I love and shipping is quick! I'm kind of a sneakers addict: I see them as essential items for my style.

This was the very first pair I got and to me this style of Golden Goose sneakers are the most well known. Ive been wearing mine around the house with socks on, and the leather is already softening up. FARFETCH: I find when a pair of GGDB goes on sale, I can usually find the best sizes on Farfetch. Each high-quality silhouette is the product of a wealth of experience and knowledge, and the unique imperfections that can be found on every pair of handmade Golden Goose sneakers add an element of soul often missing from contemporary footwear designs. I keep trying to find a post on this but I cant anywhere! Although Golden Goose sneakers will fit if you opt for your true size, I like to go up a size to ensure my feet have ample room to move. Haha. Since it was founded in 2000, Italian shoe brand Golden Goose has made a name for itself as a tennis footwear label with a cult following.